How to Write a Daily News Article

Daily News

Founded in 1878, the Yale Daily News is America’s oldest college newspaper. The News is published each weekday when classes are in session and serves the Yale and New Haven communities. It is financially and editorially independent, and its staff has included many future leaders in journalism and public service. The News also publishes a Friday supplement called WKND and a number of special issues throughout the year, including the Yale-Harvard Game Day issue and the Commencement issue.

Generally, news articles are about current events that affect the world. These can range from politics and economics to natural disasters and sports. News articles are often used to inform and educate people on the happenings around them. They can be written by individuals or they can be sourced from a news agency.

The news article format is typically short and to the point, but it can be written in a variety of styles depending on the topic and intended audience. Some articles are written in a narrative style where the author tells the story, while others may focus on investigative or fact-based topics. Regardless of the subject matter, all news articles should be well researched and presented in an unbiased manner.

Most newspapers have their own dedicated team of writers, but they also draw from freelancers and local journalists. Usually, a newspaper editor will assign an article or series of articles to be written and will provide a specific deadline for the writer. It is important that the writer adheres to the publication’s deadlines and follows the guidelines for length, style and tone.

Unlike local papers, which cater to a small audience, national and international publications need to appeal to a larger group of readers. They are more likely to report on global events, such as wars and crises, as well as major sporting events like the Olympics.

When writing a news article, it is important to create a snappy headline that will grab the reader’s attention. This will help the reader to skim the content and determine if it is relevant to their needs. The article should then clearly and concisely inform the reader of the topic and provide any relevant details. It is also important that the article provides a clear call to action.

In addition to a brief summary of the article, the author should also include their name and any other pertinent information about themselves. This is particularly important for online news articles, which are often anonymous. The byline should start with the author’s full name and include their job title and area of expertise. It is also a good idea to include a link to their social media page so that readers can easily find more of their work.

While some newspapers will attribute the authorship of their stories, others will not. Those that do will usually mention the source of the article or, if the article is a letter to the editor, will state whether it was written by a reader or an editor.