Popular News Apps and Websites

Daily News

Daily News is a popular news app that provides a briefing of the top stories and latest developments in your areas of interest. The app also organizes coverage from different sources, allowing you to dive deeper into a story and get the full picture of how it’s unfolding.

Keep up to date with local and world news on your phone, tablet or desktop. The app lets you customise the stories that you want to see, and choose the locations that matter to you so you can stay informed at home, on the go or wherever your life takes you.

Breaking News: Follow the latest news from all over the world in real-time. The app features a wide variety of breaking news stories including crime, weather, sports and business.

USA Today: The latest news headlines and stories from politics, entertainment, business and more in the United States. This news app is updated almost every day, and its content is available in a simple format that makes it easy to read and understand.

Reuters: The world’s leading source of international news and information, Reuters includes a variety of news articles on business, politics and world events. The site also offers a searchable database of news stories, newswires and other resources from around the world.

Press Reader: Access newspapers and magazines in over 100 countries, from over 60 languages. This newspaper aggregator is free and allows you to download content for offline reading, with a few simple clicks.

Newspaper Archive: Internet’s most comprehensive directory of online newspaper archives lists which ones are free, prices for sites that charge and links. It’s a handy reference tool and an excellent starting point for researching the history of a particular country or region.

Ballotpedia: The website covers political candidates and ballot measure issues, plus other news related to the ballot process. It’s a great resource for researchers and students working on election-related topics.

The New York Times Podcast: The Daily hosts Michael Barbaro and Sabrina Tavernise take an irresistible layman’s approach to some of the most important stories of the day. Using interviews with Times journalists, their sources and newsmakers of all kinds, they offer an entertaining and informative listen that’s easy to digest.

News and Media Aggregator: A site that brings together a wide range of media, from news to entertainment, politics and pop culture. It includes a “buzz board,” blogs and an e-mail newsletter.

Journalism: A resource that offers the full text of national and international newspapers, radio and television transcripts, and news journals. It also offers an extensive collection of newspapers and magazines from ethnic and minority presses, including Latino and African-American publications.

Global Newsstream: Part of ProQuest Central, this collection enables you to search a wide range of contemporary news sources from around the world. This collection includes top newspapers, wires, broadcast transcripts, news journals and blogs in full-text format.

Newspapers and Magazines: This collection combines the full-text of more than 400 international newspapers, and many national and regional newspapers from all over the world. It also offers the full-text of a number of magazines, including the New York Times and the Washington Post.