The Daily News

Daily News is an American tabloid newspaper, founded in 1919 and currently owned by tronc. The paper is widely known for its high-quality and innovative journalism, as well as its strong stance on local issues. It has a reputation for being a centrist and progressive publication, frequently being contrasted with its rival, the New York Post, which is generally considered more conservative.

The newspaper primarily covers politics, city news and sports from the greater New York area, as well as national and international news. It also features entertainment coverage, classifieds, a comics section, and extensive celebrity gossip. The newspaper has a large following amongst sports fans for its intense coverage of New York teams, especially the Yankees, Mets, and Giants. Its editorial stance has historically been self-proclaimed as Republican, although it has shifted to a more moderate to liberal position in recent years, often being compared with the right-wing Post.

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The Yale Daily News Historical Archive contains digitized versions of the newspaper from its inception in 1878 through 1996. The archive is a vital research tool for historians, scholars, students, and anyone interested in the evolution of news media in the United States.

Death of the Daily News, the gripping account of what happens when a newspaper ceases publication in a small town, would be depressing in any other hands, but Conte’s is a deeply insightful and remarkably hopeful book that not only gives clues as to what will replace top-down journalism, but provides hope that local news can survive, even in the most bleak of places. This is an essential read for journalists and non-journalists alike. It will touch your heart and change the way you think about the role of the press in our society.